LSD (100ug)


Each LSD tab is precisely blotted with 100 mcg of highest quality Lysergic acid diethylamide.

Dosage guide:

  • 25µg – 50µg : A dose of 25µg to 50µg will only instill threshold effects for most users. Experiences can vary, however I wouldn’t necessarily say you will get the full experience out of a dose so small. You may get very slight visual distortions and a slight psychedelic head-space. But the effects are rather minimal compared to regular doses of LSD. This is a very light dose of LSD for the most part.
  • 70µg – 125ug : Doses in this amount are what you’ll usually find on typical blotter acid that you obtain. These are pretty recreational doses and will begin to show you the power of LSD. This is the type of dose I would recommend to somebody trying acid for the first time. It won’t be overly strong, but will allow them to dabble into the waters and test it out. This dose is much more common and the regular dosage that most people take.
  • 150µg – 200µg : Doses within this range will start to get a bit stronger. They’re going to be more intense and you will definitely see much more visual distortions and have a noticeable psychedelic head-space. This is the range that most people who have experienced acid like to stay. It’s noticeably stronger than the other (lower) listed doses; but not overpowering for most people. This is what some people would describe as a strong dose. However it varies from person to person.
  • 250µg – 300µg : Once you start going above 200µg you’ll find things start to get a bit more intense. Some people experience the dignified “ego-death” around this dose. However this occurrence isn’t as common as it is with higher doses. Visuals will be much more apparent and you’ll experience much more phenomenon at this dose range. This dose is much stronger the the previous doses, and is powerful in the eyes of most people.
  • 400µg – 500µg : A dose this high is extremely powerful. While a lot of people don’t necessarily go to such a length; it’s not uncommon and many people have before. Ego death is a regular occurrence at this dose; and visuals such as fractals and whatnot are much more apparent and prevalent. Looping thoughts may occur and you will definitely been in for a ride!
  • 600µg – 700µg : Doses closer to the 650µg and up are pretty intense. You’ll be dabbling into some pretty deep waters here. Fractals may completely start to envelop your vision for a little bit and other visual distortions are very clear and noticeable. It’s recommend that only experienced users go to such a level. This is a very high dose of LSD.
  • 850µg – 1000µg : Here you’re either close, at, or above a milligram of LSD. Most people don’t go to such a dose. But it’s a very unique experience. Ego death is almost certain. Fractals are most likely to completely envelop your vision. You may be stuck in one place. Extreme confusion will take place and you will be shot light years into outer space. Extreme caution is advised. Do not go to such a level unless you’re extremely confident in what you’re doing. Prepared. And willing to have the ride of your life!