Melmac Magic Mushrooms



Melmac is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms.

The name is believed to reference the American sitcom Alf, which aired from 1986 to 1990, following the friendly extraterrestrial Gordon Shumway from the planet Melmac who crash-landed onto Earth and is taken into an American household.

As for the mushroom strain’s origin, Melmac is a lab-bred variant of the famous Penis Envy mushroom. You might also find this strain named “Melmac Penis Envy” or “Homestead Penis Envy.”

There are even some stories floating around that Melmac shrooms are closer to the original Penis Envy that was on the market in the 1970s than the Penis Envy cultivars sold today.

Regarding physical characteristics, Melmac mushrooms have a similar phallic shape and a strong psilocybin potency, like the more famous Penis Envy. What really distinguishes them from Penis Envy are their deep golden wavy caps and warped stems.